V & GF No Egg/Milk Pancakes

By far the best thing about pancakes is how simple they are to make. Even if you attempt to make them vegan or gluten-free, it’s pretty difficult to “mess up” your end product. I went about doing over 6 different variations of one recipe of pancakes. Some were only gluten-free, others were only vegan, and the rest were both. However, this recipe that I used was the champion of them all.

The only liquid used was water! No eggs or milk were necessary, so in the recipe substitute the 2 Tbsp water for the 1 egg that is called for. Don’t add margarine to the pan either– you could use a bit of extra virgin olive oil, but the pancakes shouldn’t cling to a non-stick pan.

Even though the was no milk, the pancakes ended up having a nice moderately fluffy look. This is in part due to the baking powder working to leaven the pancakes. Also, with a much lower protein content than traditional pancakes, my hypothesis would be more protein would give better structure to support a fluffier pancake. We will test this soon!


The texture was mostly smooth, but the surfaces were English muffin looking with small craters. You can achieve a smoother, more even result by simply waiting longer to flip the pancakes. All of them were a very pretty light golden color though, whether or not they looked “traditional”. The lack of protein found in glutinous flours was my excuse for these pancakes being a bit more dense and “cakier” than their milk and egg laden counterparts. Yet, both times I tested these gluten-free and vegan pancakes I was very impressed. I would highly recommend using King Arthur Flour’s Gluten-Free baking mix.


Overall the flavor is not lacking even with very little to no fat or dairy. The flavor is subtly sweet, and has a nice mild rice flavor. Check out my Pancakes: Everything to Know post to find more information on variations. 


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