V Fudge Squares

On the quest to find the best brownies, I came upon a great fudge dessert! I made them using this recipe by a great baker and blogger. I used all-purpose flour, almond milk, 1/2 cup packed brown sugar, and 1/3 cup refined coconut sugar. In addition, I made the dark chocolate version using all olive oil, and the regular chocolate version using vegetable oil. Flavor and texture wise, I would recommend using regular instead of dark chocolate. The batter looks identical to traditional brownie batter, and tastes great too. You can cut a design into it before it bakes as well!

The vegetable oil made the brownies more liquidy–almost as if the brownies were chocolate pudding! The olive oil did not have such a dramatic result, but they were definitely moist. After freezing the regular chocolate brownies, I found they tasted like a great fudge. They did not rise much, so I would recommend putting all the batter in one pan instead of two, baking a bit longer as well. The recipe works with both dark chocolate and regular cocoa powder, but unless you want a to make Halloween decorative fudge, I would stick with using regular cocoa powder.

The regular chocolate brownies:

(I froze these before cutting them!)

The dark chocolate brownies:


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