V Banana Nut Chocolate Cookies

Wow! If you like banana nut muffins, this recipe is for you. These have a chewy consistency with texture from the walnuts and chocolate chips. The bannana flavor is absolutely perfect and does not overpower the other notes of oat, chocolate, and walnut. The recipe, from New York Times got 5 stars from over 300 ratings, and is absolutely deserved.

One difficult part about dough is that it is pretty sticky. When I make these next time, I’m going to wet my hands more to prevent batter from getting all over them again. A cookie scoop could help you get that uniform round shape, so you might want to try that too. As of now, these cookies are my favorite vegan desert. These cookies are fantastic!

P.S. I threw these cookies in a bag for travel before I got to take pictures of them– that explains the crumbs everywhere!


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