GF Snickerdoodle Cookies

After a failure of one vegan and gluten-free recipe, I was determined to make a better Snickerdoodle! These were extremely fluffy, with crunchy edges, and perfect balance of sweetness. The cinnamon flavor was pronounced as an after-taste, and I would love to see how the flavor could be improved even more by adding cinnamon to the dough itself. The recipe can be found here, it’s another winning King Arthur Flour dessert.



The recipe calls for softened butter…unfortunately mine was not soft enough and I already put it in the bowl. My solution: cutting it into tiny pieces like this. I combined the ingredients by hand to transfer the warmth, and it melted the butter just enough!


The dough does not have cinnamon inside it and looks crumbly, but it forms together nicely when you roll it into a ball.


This is the cinnamon sugar mixture that you get to roll the dough around in. I used the maximum amount of cinnamon recommended by the recipe. The smell wafting out of the oven was divine!



This is the perfect fall treat, or for anytime when you are craving a little cinnamon.



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