What went wrong? GF Chocolate Chip Cookies

I recently tried a complex recipe from Alton Brown, it can be found here. I had a few issues with the final product, so I’ll be leaving this post in my reflections until I can go back and re-make these cookies. Overall, I really loved the traditional chocolate chip flavor, which sented the room with chocolately aromas. However, the texture was slightly grainy. They were also pretty flat in both batches, but the model picture looked similar so I’m not sure if that was intended. I felt that it could have been more tender, and maybe should have risen more.




The process of making these was very rigorous because of the sheer amount of ingredients and tools needed, as well as the various different steps needed to be done. One step was melting the butter and then “creaming” it with the sugar. Its purpose was to pre-melt the sugar granules, but in reality the cookies had a grainy consistency, and it didn’t work too well. The result of this step was caramel looking liquid.


Here are more post baking pictures.



Overall, I have high hopes of executing a truly sucessful Alton Brown recipe, and I will definitely have to re-visit this one soon. I would like the cookies to be a bit fluffier and more tender. I think the goal of the recipe was thin, crunchy chocolate chip cookies, which is accomplished.



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