GF Coconut Crumble Cookies

Yum. This is a great example of cookies that taste better and better as you eat more of them! The recipe I used can be found here. King Arthur Flour characterizes them as “shortbread”, which I would definitely agree with. The three basic ingredients: sugar, flour, and butter, are present. However, there are slight changes such being gluten-free with coconut flour and gluten-free flour mix that make this recipe very unique.


The recipe yields a very small batch of cookies, and these are the only ingredients used. I cut up the softened butter so that it was easier to mix.



The dough ended up crumbly, but formed together into nice balls when rolled in the hands. It was moist and fragrant from the coconut flour.


Upon first bite, I wasn’t sure if I actually liked these cookies! Yet, they did have a nice velvety buttery feeling when eaten–characteristic of traditional shortbread. Furthermore, they had a nice crumb and interesting coconut flavor throughout. I absolutely changed my mind after the initial seconds, and will probably make a batch of these cookies soon. They were simple, delicious, and light.



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