V Brownie Cake

Yay, I finally found another successful vegan recipe! It is really called a “German chocolate cake” by Erin McKenna. You can find the book here, it might even be available in your public library to check out.


My favorite part about the cake was the batter. It was so fluffy like whipped cream but it had a dense quality to it. It was the most unique batter I have ever made to say the least. After baking, I let the cake cool for an hour and then tasted it.


The edges were a decadent combination of slight crunch and chew. The cake did flatten out when cooking, making it more brownie like IMO than cake like. For that cost, amount of ingredients, and time this was a difficult recipe, but definitely worth it.

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I can’t wait to find an icing recipe to accompany this cake. If you’re a vegan and try the recipe I’d love to hear how it went! You may have read about my first Erin McKenna snickerdoodle recipe being a fail, but I definitely redeemed myself through this recipe (or maybe the cookbook redeemed itself).


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