GF Carrot Cake


Hey everyone! I thought I would share this recipe for carrot cupcakes I made a week ago. The recipe is from America’s Test Kitchen: The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook. It was a solid carrot cake recipe and gluten-free. The cake had lots of grated carrot and a good level of moisture. They don’t look very pretty in batter form, but they shape up into beautiful muffins after baking. They are not overly sweet which is a plus.


Here is a shot of the grated carrot…if you are afraid of a grater like me, this step will be the longest. I used walnuts because they were on hand, but I would try macadamic nuts like the recipe calls for if I were to re-make it. The walnuts overpowered the light carrot and spice flavors a bit too much. Macadamia nuts would blend the flavors nicer.


I also made a cream cheese frosting with a basic recipe to accompany the carrot cupcakes. I think these cupcakes would be great with buttercream, or any of your favorite frostings for a sweeter touch. Overall, this was a great recipe, but I still prefer the GF Apple Spice Cake for a fall-winter spiced desert. Happy baking!




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