GF Decorated Cake (chocolate cake + vanilla buttercream)


Happy New Year! I hope everyone has been trying some baking over the holidays. Before Christmas I made this chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. It was absolutely perfect and fun to make. Although, it did take a long time…I would estimate leaving 6 hours for this (including cleaning and decorating). The cake recipe can be found here, and the buttercream recipe is here.

I started off with the mistake of not slowly adding the dry ingredients to the wet, instead I dumped everything together into one bowl. Surprisingly the cake turned out fine. It looked like a bread loaf, but it leveled out to be flat using a long, serrated cake knife. I filled two oval pans 3/4 full, and baked them for about 50 minutes. I cooled them overnight, and tasted them the next day. They were still very moist and didn’t need a simple syrup before decorating.


The crumb looked nice, and the cake was not too dense.



Here I started to fill the 2 layered cake, and then put a crumb coat on the whole thing. Make sure to mix the buttercream enough so it is not too thick! Be patient with it and try not to add extra milk.


Lastly, I decorated the cake :). Obviously I need some practice, but I tried to design little paths with the icing spatula. A few sugar pearls and the cake was done. It was so delicious–especially the icing. The icing recipe is definitely one to be reused again and again. Leave any tips for decorating below, or show me what cakes you have made recently.



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