V Dinner Rolls

Have you always been daunted by making scratch bread, or just thought that it would be too time consuming? Well if you try this recipe, all those misconceptions will go away.


The best tip with bread is to be patient. I would say that all bakers should have one good bread recipe–I mean, bread has been a staple for hundred of years!  The four simple ingredients are bread, yeast, salt, and water. Don’t be afraid of using your hands, they are one of the best baking tools.


Mix all of the ingredients together as the recipe says, and make sure that the warm water you are using is around 100 degrees (if it is too hot, the yeast can die…if it is too cold, the yeast won’t be able to ferment enough). When making bread, it is easy to add flour to sticky dough, and you may need up to an extra 1/2 cup when kneading. The consistency of the dough can vary based on humidity or other factors. In my opinion, it is difficult to mess  up bread, so try to add flour and knead until the consistency is smooth.



For making rolls instead of a loaf, you have to first roll out the risen dough into a long snake. Use a knife or other tool to cut even chunks of dough from that snake. Afterwards, gently pull the corners of each piece into the center of the dough as shown above. Flip that side down on the counter and use your pinky or index fingers to tuck the dough (this tighten the dough by forming it into a cleaner roll shape).

Lastly…bake them.


I was happy with the result of these rolls, although I didn’t let them rise quite enough. The product was tasty and contained about 6 grams of protein per large sized roll!


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