V Whole Wheat Tortillas


Hi everyone! Last week I tried to make tortillas at home because it seems to be a cheaper and healthier alternatives to generic ones sold at the supermarket. What I found was that I could make a less flexible but still tasty tortilla with only a handful of ingredients in about 20 minutes. Here’s the recipe.

I wouldn’t say that these are perfect, however, I value their simplicity ans ease to make. It’s crucial to have your pan at a high heat before you plop a tortilla down so that they get crispy around the edges and have nice browning. I’m sure that you could even cut these into pieces and bake them in the oven to make homemade chips!

You can really taste the whole wheat flour, so make sure to use one that is fresh and good quality. The downfall to these was that they crack when you try to roll that and are not as soft and flexible as the ones you find in the supermarket. The taste is much better when paired with fillings too. I hope to find another tortilla recipe to top this one soon!

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