GF Chocolate Cupcakes

I recently made a batch of delicious gluten-free cupcakes. One again it was another King Arthur Flour recipe! A while ago, I tested a gluten-free cake recipe from King Arthur Flour…the post is here. Surprisingly, there are slight variations in the recipe and preparation to adapt the taste and texture of a regularly sized cake to mini ones.


Sifting the dry ingredients would have aerated the cupcakes a little more. I opted for a fork that was on hand to blend them together.


The hand mixer did an okay job at combining the wet ingredients, but your conventional Kitchen Aid mixer would definitely make the mixture more uniform as well.


The finished batter was slightly lumpy from the above mistakes, however, the small chunks of butter melt during the cooking process. When making baked goods with gluten, it is important to not over mix so that the proteins don’t overdevelop (overdeveloping creates an end product that is too tough or possibly rubbery). Gluten-free recipes are more forgiving in the amount of mixing for this fact.


I would say these cupcakes are slightly less tasty their gluten-free cake sibling, especially because the chocolate flavor was more subtle. Though, the consistency was fantastic, the moisture was great, and the flavors were accentuated with icing. I hope to find a good gluten-free yellow cake soon, comment if you have a favorite!


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