V White Flour Tortillas

So I’ve continued to test tortilla recipes and found one that is much tastier compared to the whole wheat flour one I tried a few weeks ago! Here’s the recipe.

It does use white flour, and this means it is not as nutritious or “good for you” than a whole wheat tortilla. However, the flavor is superb and the ratio of liquids to flour allows these tortillas to be flexible. Reserve an extra 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of flour in case your dough was sticky like mine!
I used two layers of parchment to shape them without having them get stuck to surfaces. You can simply peel off the top layer of parchment with the tortilla and throw it on your pan. The parchment paper can be removed after a few seconds of cooking. IMG_2885IMG_2883
I didn’t follow the timing for cooking them (noted on the recipe); you can tell when they are finished by eye as both sides will have nice browning.
The combination of a simple recipe, hot pan, and patience will reward you with the perfect tortillas for any meal. The hot pan will quickly get you a crispy edge. Yet, these tortillas had a soft, somewhat fluffy interior. I’d love to hear if you make these and fill them with something. Whether your filling is savory or sweet, these tortillas will hold up to the roll.


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