GF White Bread

I’m so excited to share a gluten-free bread recipe with all of you that is delicious and meets all of my bread standards. It was said to taste like normal bread when I gave a piece to a non-gluten free tester too! The recipe is pretty simple and doesn’t require kneading. You can find it here.

Since I didn’t have any regular milk on hand, I used almond milk for the recipe. The results were just as good as the recipe describes. I heated up the almond milk and activated the yeast by letting that mixture sit for about ten minutes. It was initially surprising that the batter was so smooth, but soon I realized this was great because I wouldn’t have to knead.
When I placed the batter in the pan I decided to use cold fermentation instead of letting the bread rise in a warm place. This way, I would not have to keep checking on it or having to fuss with the step of mixing the dough again. I simply wrapped the pan with plastic and put it in the refrigerator overnight…I actually let the bread rise for about 30 hours (24 would have been enough). The alcohol scent from the dough was very strong, and the bread had great flavor after baking.
As you can see, the bread was beautiful and had a nice texture (soft on the inside, and crisp on the top). I would definitely say 24 hours is the ideal time for flavor on the bread. Thinner slices is also the way to go since the bread is more on the dense side. With cold fermentation you can make an easy gluten-free white bread in the morning for an egg sandwich (see above), or just with some jam! This recipe is the end all to the search for a comparable gluten-free bread to regular bread. I hope to find more gluten-free bread recipes soon–these are the most difficult to get right!


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  1. Wow! That looks like amazing texture, delicious 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! 🙂

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