V & GF Oatmeal Power Balls

What are power balls? Well, if you want a compact treat that is packed with healthy ingredients, that’s basically it! The recipe is really flexible and you can find all sorts of flavors and combinations online. The variation I used can be found here.
These are all the ingredients I used, minus the protein powder which I forgot until later! It may look like a lot, but each has there own health benefit that is awesome. The best part is that you know what is going into your food, and it only requires an armful of ingredients.
IMG_5994IMG_5995 (1)
The only change I would make is halving the cinnamon because it ended up overpowering the many unique flavors… I don’t know if it’s just me, but I love the scent of oats. IMG_6001
I used a NutriBullet mini blender, which was not ideal. The small motor can’t handle large quantities or thick materials like the almond butter. Use a food processor if you have access to one!IMG_6002
I also added optional raisins to this (they’re golden raisins). The power balls are easily shaped, and can be eaten a few hours later from the freezer. It’s great that you can also store them in the freezer and conveniently take them out a few minutes before you want to munch on them. IMG_6017
Overall, I thought these were a really interesting desert that is packed with “super food” ingredients. They satisfy my sweet tooth while still giving me a punch of fiber, protein, and spices.


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