V & GF Overnight Oats

I hope I’m not the only one that’s been into simple recipes recently! This week I’ve prepped overnight oats to have for breakfast, and I can say that they are extremely tasty. The recipe can be found here (it’s from Minimalist Baker)!
I was really impressed by this recipe because it is so simple and so good. I guess my inspiration was oats because I really enjoyed them in the “power balls”. Even though there is peanut butter in the recipe, and I followed that, you can really add whatever topping you want to the oats.
I made sure to cover the oats with a little extra almond milk than the recipe called for…I was a little skeptical of how the oats would “cook”.
Because of the maple syrup, there was a slight stickiness to the overnight oats. However, I thought the flavor blended super well with cinnamon on the top (my addition) and the peanut butter of course! I have already made this a few times since my first encounter with the concept–overnight oats are amazing for a fast morning breakfast.


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