V & GF Double Chocolate Coconut Cookies

Hi all, hope everyone had a Happy Easter! I recently made another recipe from Erin McKenna’s book, and this time it was superb. You can find the book here, or look for it in your local library system. These cookies were absolutely spectacular–thin and crispy on the edges, but with a nice chew throughout. The flavor from the coconut oil is a wonderful addition to the cookies and is very unique in my opinion.
The dough consists of two parts, and the dry part is added to the wet counterpart. I’ll add that the wet half of the dough doesn’t combine very well because it is mainly sugar and oil. It looks like a little oil lake with a sugar sand. Initially I thought the dough would be too liquidy, and after adding the last of the dry ingredients it is sort of a lava consistency. The problem I have with Erin McKenna recipes is that she does not describe what texture or look a dough should have, and it can be pretty confusing when the result is so special. I noticed that leaving the dough to rest in the bowl, while I prepped the oven and baking sheet, let it get slightly thicker. At this point, I scooped up the dough easily with a cookie dropper and put them onto the pan.

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I made larger cookies than the recipe calls for as you can see below. They looked like little pudding cookies as raw dough. I’ll warn that if you leave the dough out too long, the oil will begin to separate (but you can easily re-incorporate it) !
Note that they spread in the oven to yield a thin cookie with a crisp exterior. IMG_2955IMG_2956
I was incredibly impressed with this Erin McKenna recipe, and the fact that it is vegan AND gluten-free. my only critique is that the recipe calls for a bit too much oil. For one, that much oil means that these cookies are not the healthiest. And two, the oil coats your hands even after letting the cookies rest on a paper towel. Storing the cookies in a container lined with paper towels will help to get rid of some of the excess oil! Other than that, I would absolutely bake these again 🙂


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  1. These look amazing! 🙂

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  2. chefkreso says:

    They look yummy!

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    1. Thanks they were delish 🙂


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