“The Great British Baking Show” on Gluten-Free

Hey everyone! I don’t know about you, but recently I’ve been binge watching “The Great British Baking Show” on Netflix. I just found out that there are more seasons, but Netflix only features 3 of them! I absolutely love the show, and I’m so impressed by how different baking in Europe/England is compared to the States. From 17 year old Martha to seasoned bakers like Nancy and Luis in season 1 (on Netflix, series 5 otherwise), all of the contestants are so knowledgeable and skilled. The complexity of the the pastries, cakes, pie, etc. that they were making was unbelievable in the time constraints too. I was most impressed in season 2 (Netflix, series 4 otherwise) when they had a special episode dedicated to gluten-free baking.

Among the things they made during the special quarter final episode were wheat-free loaves and dairy-free vegetable cakes. One of the contestants, Beca, created a potato, spelt, and rosemary Focaccia. Another, Ruby, made mango and Nigella seed spelt cob. I don’t know about you, but those sounds extremely challenging to make, and very unique in flavor. Not to mention, they are completely wheat-free and edible to most gluten-free people (minus any spelt sensitivity).

Overall, I was surprised when the show had added a component of specialized baking. It was impressive that the bakers knew and discussed the hardship behind keeping wheat and dairy out of their plans too. It goes to show that in this modern day, it is becoming more commonplace to have modified recipes and alternatives to the traditional wheat, eggs, milk, and butter. Yet, it was only one episode out of all 3 seasons that I watched–so I’m curious if any of the newer seasons addressed this topic in greater detail. Could a new baking show be centered entirely around vegan baking? Only time will tell…

The Great British Bake Off (series 4)– Wikipedia


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