GF Cookie Dough Blondies

Hi everyone, long time no recipe! This week I made these ultra cute and very delightful blondies. The recipe can be found here…they are actually called “Cake Batter Blondies”, but they seemed to have a more cookie dough taste to me. With the sprinkles and mix of white + dark chocolate, it looked like a party in the bowl. These blondies were essentially like a cookie cake in my opinion. Nonetheless, they were even better.
The recipe is simple to follow, and very customization with the type of chocolate used and sprinkles of course 🙂 IMG_6534
I was having trouble cutting the parchment to go up the sides of the pan, so I would try to spend a bit more time on this step. The blondies didn’t stick to the sides very much, which was lucky on my part. Having the whole pan lined with parchment will make serving a lot easier. Spreading out the dough may also take patience because it had the tendency to stick to the paper in dense blobs (making it difficult to manipulate). IMG_6536
When you get these blondies in the oven, you’ll see them rise quite a bit. I’d say the height doubles in size from almost see-through thin to a nice bar thickness. IMG_6538
Don’t be afraid for the sides to brown up substantially. These will have a nice chew and retain softness inside even if the sides darken. IMG_6539IMG_6543IMG_6545
Aren’t they cute! Believe me when I say these were as scrumptious as they look. The flavor isn’t complex by any means, but it was simply nice. The blend of almond and chocolate always works, and I’ll never say no to something that tastes like cookie dough!


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