Hi, I’m Kimberly Milligan.

When I was in elementary school, I was diagnosed with allergies to corn, soy, and other ingredients. When you think about it, that didn’t leave a kid like me with many options–especially when other kids were eating corn syrup filled candies or just plain corn on the cob. When I walked into the supermarket with my family, we quickly learned that corn and soy are hidden in almost everything! From cereals to soups, snacks and deserts, they were all seemingly the same (with slightly different pictures and flavors attached. I remember eating rice puff cereal and pita pockets with sliced turkey, and that repetition each day wasn’t enough to distract me from how different my food was compared to everyone else’s. One day my dad bought pancake mix to experiment with and I happened to stumble upon an oatmeal raisin cookie recipe on the back. I tried it, and immediately turned to the cookies for relief from the boring foods I had been eating. Since then, my taste buds denied me from enjoying those cookies that I had so so many times but I luckily overcame my allergies in about a year. Yet, I never stopped baking.

As I got older, I truly started to empathize with people that have dietary restrictions. I strive to make sure other people have ways to cope with their own challenges. When my Great Aunt was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2007, I started to bake even more. I specialized in pancakes and brownies, albeit I was still a kid and using box mixes. I’m extremely happy that there have been new foods in supermarkets that are specialized for many different allergies or conditions. However, our work is not over. I want to research why the world is struggling with what to eat, what deserts can help others find a little happy, and ultimately how being conscious of food can benefit us all.

I dedicate this website to all those who have struggled with food throughout their lives. I believe that baking gluten-free and especially vegan recipes is the first step to creating a sustainable standard for eating in the 21st century and beyond.